In order to have a well-sustained future we need to have a well understood past. Chrysalis provides clients of all types with a range of historic research services.

Historic streets highlight on the 1852 map of Manhattan by Matther Dripps

Chrysalis provides Section 106 consultation including identification of historic properties, assessment of development effects and potential mitigation measures.We have also worked with non-profits and private homeowners to meet regulatory requirements and/or further the goals of their organization.


Documentary Research

Chrysalis can address documentary research needs for all types of projects. Documentary research is part of the Phase IA process during which Chrysalis researches the history of an individual property or neighborhood. This includes compiling deed and tax records and a survey of historic maps. Depending on the significance of a property, more in-depth research may be required. As necessary, Chrysalis can provide various levels of detail for historic studies.