Chrysalis is a client focused, full-service DBE/WBE certified CRM firm.

Chrysalis Archaeological Consultants (Chrysalis) is a DBE/WBE certified Cultural Resource Management (CRM) consulting firm. Located in Brooklyn, NY, with a regional office in Providence, RI. Working with municipal agencies, managing firms and construction crews, our experienced and professional certified team will help guide your project through the national, state and local cultural and historic regulatory requirements including Section 106, NEPA, SEQR, CEQR and other environmental review processes.

Chrysalis is recognized within several states including New York and New Jersey and through the Federal government. Our principals meet the professional qualifications of the National Park Service's 36CFR 61 and are certified by the Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA). Our team has extensive experience working as part of larger project development teams having worked on multiple large-scale infrastructure projects. Chrysalis' team has also worked with non-profits and private homeowners to meet any historic or archaeological requirements they may encounter.

Founded in 2001, Chrysalis began with the goal of providing affordable CRM services to local historic properties to meet regulatory review compliance. Chrysalis has grown to provide a range of clients in the Mid-Atlantic and New England region with archaeological and architectural services. Chrysalis remains a client-focused company that strives to meet all Federal, state and local regulatory compliance needs in a timely and effective manner with an emphasis on delivering a top-quality product on time and on budget. Please contact us today for more information.